Welcome toaxoRewaken

In a lake once full of axolotls and opportunities, an acient evil stirs...

AxoRewaken series 1 is scheduled for release on 15/07/2022.

Limited-Mint Edition NFTs are currently available for Discord, Twitter community members during.

#1: Xolotl

Once sealed away under a lake, Xolotl now seeks an army to extract vengeance on creation itself. Lucky for him, his former lake-prison's full of the life form he currently inhabits.

  • Occupation: Ex-Con
  • Race: Ancient Mayan

Meet the Team

  • Sofia


  • Evanyx

    Creative Director

  • Alya



Here are some of the most asked questions our team has received during the process of making this project, check out our responses below!

  • What is an axoRewaken NFT?

    An NFT is a non-fungible token that thrives on a blockchain, a distributed ledger that records the transactions of assets both inbound and externally. An axoRewaken NFT represents its unique, non-interchangeable status through a combination of visual traits and accessories to identify its holders in a recognizable and fun way.
  • How rare are Limited-Mint tokends ?

  • What is the Total Supply?

  • How can I gain access to mint an axoRewaken NFT?

  • What utilities does holding an axoRewaken NFT offer to its holders?